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  • Recommended PURE WAVE Massager : Why & How we can use it to release our Fascia

    Here is a link to PURE WAVE, the massager that I find to be the best to open and release the fascia. Those who know me for a while now know how much I use the massager and how important it is for me that the massager is not too aggressive. This massager's percussion is perfect for the body and you can adjust the massage pressure speed (12- speed options). When the frequency or the percussion is too aggressive for the body, you might feel an immediate sense of release but your body will slowly pull back into its previous state as a reaction to the stress that was created. Can you remember a rough massage, beyond pleasant that you have received in the past? How did you feel during and ....

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  • An Effective Approach to Strengthening Your Knees and Correcting a Collapsed Foot Arch

    Here we will work at the knee and the foot starting from the hip/pelvis area. To achieve the best results - there is a need for an approach that will take care of the entire body. Here we use a tennis ball to open the entire body front and back line (stretching the sole of the foot) and massaging the hip area to release tightness that may pull on the thigh bone and prevent the support to the knees and the correction for the foot arch. ....

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  • Treating Abdominal Injuries at Body Rhythm

    With more than 3 million cases diagnosed each year, diastasis recti is one of the more common abdominal injuries suffered by both men and women in America today. Put most simply, diastasis recti is the partial or complete separation of the “six-pack” muscles, which meet at the midline of your stomach. It is most common in women who are over 35 and older men with abdominal obesity. diastasis recti generally isn’t dangerous and it can often be successfully treated with corrective exercise and strength training of all the core muscles which usually involves pelvic floor and deep stomach muscle exercises. Over the past 20 years, Shevi Baruch, founder of Body Rhythm, ....

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  • Relieving Sciatic Nerve Pain with Shevi at Body Rythm

    Specialized Master Trainer, Shevi Baruch helps patients using Gyrotonic to reduce pain and improve their lives For twelve years, following a surgical procedure, Beth was often unable to stand or walk without some discomfort or pain. “It was sciatic nerve pain,” Beth explained. “It had to do with the lower back. I had my muscles in my abdomen cut because of a surgery. It’s really hard to engage your abdominal muscles so you’re incorrectly using your back muscles.” Even with a professional background in yoga, meditation and working with patients who suffered from chronic pain, Beth still struggled with learning how to use her body correctly to address ....

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  • Holistic Rehabilitation with Gyrotonic at Body Rhythm

    With more fitness programs and classes available than ever, it’s a challenge to decide which one to choose at the Santa Monica Based Body Rhythm Gyrotonic® studio. The Gyrotonic® method is an original and unique form of exercise that simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body with minimal effort, while increasing range of motion, creating space in the joints, and strengthening the muscles around the bones. While clients are drawn to Gyrotonic®, for different reasons, they all experience vast improvements to their overall physical abilities. Body Rhythm studio offers numerous group-classes each week as well as private sessions. We sat down with Master Trainer ....

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