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Recommended PURE WAVE Massager : Why & How we can use it to release our Fascia

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Here is a link to PURE WAVE, the massager that I find to be the best to open and release the fascia. 

Those who know me for a while now know how much I use the massager and how important it is for me that the massager is not too aggressive. This massager's percussion is perfect for the body and you can adjust the massage pressure speed (12- speed options). When the frequency or the percussion is too aggressive for the body, you might feel an immediate sense of release but your body will slowly pull back into its previous state as a reaction to the stress that was created. Can you remember a rough massage, beyond pleasant that you have received in the past? How did you feel during and after the massage? I am sure that your body was traumatized and not really happy. 

In the years that I have been working with massagers of different kinds I observed that clients who used a massagers that were too aggressive did not released their fascia or did not improved as fast as others that were using a more suitable one.


  1. This massager is manufactured in the USA.
  2. It has a pleasant frequency with speed adjustments.
  3. It's a cordless massager, with a long arm that makes it easy to reach hard-to-reach places. 
  4. It's weight is perfect. Not too heavy and not too light.

How I recommend to use it?


 The most important is to stay on the same spot for at least 30 seconds before you move on. The muscle to let go of the bone, the sense is that you are tapping the area again and again until you feel a sense of release, and only then you would move on. A sense of release means that you are not waiting for a full release - it might take many repetitions for that to happen. 


You am working the entire body. Not only the area of discomfort or pain. No matter what you are trying to release you always start between the two bones of the lower leg ( Tibia and Fibula) front - lateral, and slowly open the fascia between them. The the tightness in the lower leg and specifically there is affecting the entire body. directly and indirectly. For example: disrupting the bio-mechanics of the ankle and foot, the knee, the hip, the SIJ. Causing lower back, hip , leg pain and even upper back, shoulders and neck. 

Next, you follow the back of the lower leg, the thigh, the gluteal muscles, back, shoulders arms including the lower arm ( between the two bones as well).

3. Repeat! for the first month make sure that you repeat this at least once a day. Depending on your personal situation you might need more repetitions. After the first month, use the massager before and after you go on a hike, long walk, play sports, cook, etc. Always use it at least three times a week to help maintain your feeling of freedom.

Here is the link for the massager and a discount code:


Use this discount code for 15% off : BODYRHYTHM



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