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Gyrokinesis® in Santa Monica

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Increase Body Awareness, Coordination, and Flexibility with Gyrokineses® Classes

At Body Rhythm Pilates & Gyrotonic, we want to help you live well and move smoothly. The vast majority of knee, hip, back, neck, and shoulder pain can be traced back to movement patterns that have degenerated from a sedentary lifestyle or a desk job. When your body starts to move, it creates stress in your joints and your muscles, and improper movement patterns can lead to aggravation, inflammation, and pain. Our Gyrokinesis® classes are here to help men and women across Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, and Brentwood not only address these symptoms, but also help with body awareness, coordination, and flexibility.

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What Does Gyrokinesis® Offer?

Gyrokinesis® adheres to the same principles and concepts of Gyrotonic®, but does so without the use of equipment aside from a stool or a mat at times. It can often feel similar to a dance class or yoga class because of the group dynamic. Flow and rhythm are essential components of each class.

Our team of Gyrokinesis® experts at Body Rhythm Pilates & Gyrotonic use various movements, either independently or in combination, as classes begin to move, breath, and grow together. Our goal is to help people from across Santa Monica engage with life to the fullest, which is why our Gyrokinesis® program includes techniques designed to stimulate the nervous system, open energy pathways, and oxygenate the blood. 

Our Gyrokinesis® program uses techniques to help:
  • Coordinate movement, breath, and mental focus
  • Create functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences
  • Increase range of motion

When you choose Body Rhythm Pilates & Gyrotonic for Gyrokinesis®, you're getting quality coaching that will help you get the most out of your movements. Don't let yourself get trapped by pain and anxiety... we'll figure out the best path to achieve your goals, help see you through it all, and get you experiencing your life to the fullest. It starts right here in Santa Monica.

Begin Your Gyrokinesis® Experience at Body Rhythm Pilates & Gyrotonic!

It can be overwhelming when trying to determine the best path to help improve your quality of life. Start your Gyrokinesis® journey at Body Rhythm Pilates & Gyrotonic and get the most effective movement coaching available in Santa Monica. Our team will use proven methods and techniques to help address and activate your entire body.

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