About Body Rhythm

It is a founding principle of Body Rhythm to look at every client individually, and to tailor a program that will consider the client as a whole. Each individual has unique requirements, goals and medical history, which is the starting point for creating a personalized Pilates and/or GYROTONIC® program that will improve fitness, posture, and body awareness.

As a new client you attend an Introduction Class. During the Introduction Class we learn about any relevant medical history, fitness level and other factors that might influence the program we design for you. If you are in the process of treatment or rehabilitation with a doctor or therapist (i.e. osteopath, physiotherapist etc.) we ask to consult with that professional in order to establish a program that will complement the ongoing treatment.

Next, we will take you through a series of exercises that will introduce you to the fundamental principles of Pilates and/or GYROTONIC® movement and the specialized equipment. These exercises help us assess your posture and determine imbalances, strengths and weaknesses. Based on your assessment, we structure your individual program and ensure that you are comfortable with it and with the Pilates and/or GYROTONIC® equipment being used.

Clients are encouraged to take two classes a week in order to create the continuity, which makes Pilates and GYROTONIC® truly efficient and satisfying.

Body Rhythm is one of the few places in Los Angeles that offers GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® method teacher training.