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Gyrotonic® in Santa Monica

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Body Rhythm Pilates & Gyrotonic Provides a Certified World Class Experience

The Gyrotonic® method is a unique form of exercise that simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body with minimal effort, while increasing range of motion, creating space in the joints, and strengthening the muscles around the bones. Our Gyrotonic® Classes at Body Rhythm Pilates & Gyrotonic offer a holistic approach to movement that is designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities. 

From rehabilitation of injuries to enhancing sports performance, we're proud to work with men and women of all experience levels, so come check it out today! Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started!

Gyrotonic near Santa Monica

Why Is The Gyrotonic® Method So Effective?

The primary piece of equipment for the Gyrotonic® method is the Gyrotonis Expansion System® that consists of two pieces: a seven-foot-tall, gracefully-carved wooden tower with two sets of pulleys and weights, and a padded bench with two rotating handles. The rotating handles allow you to perform a series of arches and curls which smoothly guide your spine through flexion and extension while simultaneously opening the chest and shoulders. Weights on the pulleys provide resistance and support the movements of your legs, arms, or hands in the pulley’s straps. The overall movements are smooth and fluid, which improves strength and stability while being kind to your joints.

Our Gyrotonic® system at Body Rhythm Pilates & Gyrotonic is a great way to strengthen your body and improve your flexibility without risking overuse or injury. Think of high-energy yoga with a focus on efficient movements and, of course, a great core workout.

Gyrotonic near Santa Monica

Join us in Santa Monica and take on:
  • Relief from muscular aches and pains
  • Improvement in posture and overall alignment
  • Incredible flexibility functional strength
  • A sense of accomplishment like never before

We offer both private training sessions AND small group classes to ensure you receive the dedicated coaching you deserve in order to achieve your goals. We are also one of the few studios in the greater Los Angeles area that is properly equipped to host Gyrotonic® classes, and our instructors are the best in the field so you receive not only top notch training, but a positive lifelong experience.

Gyrotonic near Santa Monica

Get Started Today With Our Gyrotonic® Classes In Santa Monica

Don't miss out on this dynamic training system at Body Rhythm Pilates & Gyrotonic. Our classes are open to all ages and experience levels and our instructors are dedicated to meeting you where you are and helping you improve each and every day.

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Gyrotonic near Santa Monica

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